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I like a Girl in my Office environment…. we are buddies now. But i want to take our friendship to another level..some times she smiles at me some times she ignores me..i am confused is it possible to make sure you recommend me. when at any time she ignores me I'm always Negative thoughts abt our friendship.

I left the night club with the feeling that We had been previously inside a relationship…And that i knew she had a boyfriend.

Hi Onique – You need to look over your thoughts, beliefs, emotions from the past to check out why you created it from the past. You have to look at your existing thoughts, beliefs and emotions to check out why you happen to be creating it now.



Remarkable, that’s what materialize with me and my ex, we would break up and he would day other woman, And that i would feel really insecure, jealous, insane, and and many others then he would place photos up of 1 stylish after which cut me off. I had been devastated, so now I received Elizabeth’s book and I am working on me, so that I might get the LOVE OF MY LIFE back and Permanently this time, in my heart I actually, genuinely, genuinely believe we've been SOULMATES, everyone tells me, that I should just move on, that I'm a lovely young lady And that i will find someone else and that he’s not that into me, and so forth, but we where jointly for 4 years taking place 5, And that i experienced alot of negative uncertainties, and insecurities and we held breaking up.

Are you able to attract a person that held saying to you personally he wasn’t attracted for you? Even tho he would come over and question if he could come over every weekend and asked why i didn’t contact him. His mother was extremely over concerned and was texting him when we were together, i believe she was in his ear all of the time about me because i was more mature. nothing at any time happened, no kissing or anything i by no means did anything either because he saved saying he experienced no feelings for. He would text me really early every morning telling me how great I had been but just held saying he experienced no feelings for me and wasn’t attracted to me.

I thought about her, but not that much…but I'd the feeling that in certain stage I had been intending to fulfill her.

one) Stop focusing over the negative. Focus on what you want to make. Change the way you view your ex. Let yourself to discover him as being nicer towards you. Focus on what you like about him.

Thank so much chitownblu! You’re right that getting rid of resistance and attachment are important. Tapping works properly for this. Also, remember to focus on what you want. You descussed that you’re aware your desire has not manifested.

hii Elizabeth I really require ur help pls help me I m completely heartbroken shattered I don’t want to lose him….but I am dropping him working day day he goes away from me pls help me I really love him….

Hi again, I just not too long ago posted a question, perfectly I thought of something else that I didn’t mention in my last question. See I am type of confused a little bit with Letting Go part/the “being okay without him” part. The LOA states to visualize and feel your desire, like you already have what you want. Basically focusing on you is the foremost part of attracting a certain person, and of course being ok with not receiving what you want, allowing go or detachment.

Arthemia – Have you read Elizabeth’s book Manifesting Love? It explains in detail how to generate the love relationship you want with a selected person, using the legislation of attraction. It doesn’t matter what’s transpired within the past. You'll be able to have the relationship you want.

2) I had been informed by some people who also Stick to the LOA methods that manifesting someone certain wasn't a good idea because it absolutely was heading against the wishes of that said person if that’s not what they wanted anymore.

Marie – Elizabeth explains how to use the legislation of attraction to attract a certain person despite your circumstances or problem in her book, Manifesting Love.

Hello Elizabeth, Ive just read the book – ive always visualised and practised Subconscious Entry Version gratitude and its worked effectively for me. On the other hand when it comes to love, not so much.

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